• Volunteer Opportunities

    There are three main types of volunteer opportunities at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center: patient and family support, customer service, and administrative assistance.

    Patient and Family Support

    When patients are hospitalized, undergo surgery, or are treated for an emergency medical situation, it can be quite stressful, confusing and lonely—for both them and their families. Lahey volunteers are available in several capacities to help ease these feelings:

    • Family Member Liaison
      Waiting while a family member receives emergency medical treatment or undergoes surgery can be quite distressing. To help family members cope, Lahey volunteers are on-hand to provide support and companionship. Liaisons are available to family members in waiting rooms for Lahey’s emergency room, surgical intensive care unit, and ambulatory surgery suite. Please note, emergency room liaisons must be 18 years of age or older.  
    • Friendly Visitor
      Hospitalization can be a lonely experience at times, especially when family members and friends aren’t there to visit. The Friendly Visitors program aims to brighten inpatients’ days by having volunteers provide companionship to those who welcome company and are in adequate physical condition to accept visitors.  

    Customer Service

    Making Lahey an inviting place for patients, family members, and visitors is the top priority for volunteers. Whether it’s circulating a gift cart with magazines, toiletries and miscellaneous gift items on inpatient floors, escorting patients to clinical appointments, or providing directory assistance to visitors, Lahey volunteers are there to lend a hand.

    Administrative Assistance

    In a busy clinic setting, Lahey colleagues can often use all the help they can get. Lahey volunteers are an incredibly convenient supplemental staffing resource for Lahey departments in need. Volunteers provide assistance with light office duties ranging from data entry, filing and faxing to the coordination of mass mailings.

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  • Volunteers Needed

    Lahey’s Volunteer & Community Services is seeking outgoing, physically active individuals to volunteer in several areas, including the Main  and East Lobbies , and various outpatient cliics. In addition, if you have a therapy dog, we would love to talk to you about our pet therapy program! If you are interested, please contact us or fill out and submit a volunteer application.