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    The Lahey Clinic Guide to Cooking through Cancer

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    Keith Stuart, MD, Corrine Zarwan, MD, and the team at the Sophia Gordon Cancer Center, have spent the last three years researching, creating and testing recipes to help cancer patients rediscover the enjoyment of good food that the disease frequently diminishes for them. As a result of the teams hard work, The Lahey Clinic Guide to Cooking through Cancer was published in late 2012, and is set to hit stores in January of 2013!

    The cookbook is intended to help cancer patients and their caregivers prepare meals that will help them through their treatment and can be enjoyed by all. The recipes are organized so the reader can easily find meals to help alleviate specific symptoms, and offers healthy and delicious recipes, which can help cancer patients assert control over an important aspect of their life and health.

    Cooking through Cancer
    is available for purchase in the hospital gift shop at 41 Mall Road, through Amazon.com, as well as other major bookstores.







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