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    Will my insurance cover my doctor visits and treatment?

    Most insurance plans cover consultations, office visits and treatments. Some insurers, however, may not cover certain diagnostic tests and certain treatments. Patients should check with their individual insurance carriers. Many insurers that cover Viagra will limit the number of tablets per month. Policies by various companies are still evolving. 


    I filled the doctor's prescription a week ago. Why isn't the medication working?

    Many medications take time to work-up to several weeks or longer. Appointments are made to allow appropriate time for a response. Often there is more than one underlying cause for the problem, and therefore, treatment may need to proceed through several stages. 


    Lately I have been very stressed at work and have noticed that I have not been able to maintain an erection when I am with my partner. What is going on?

    Most likely it is the stress that is causing this temporary dysfunction. Stress is one of the leading causes of what is called 'psychological impotence.' Other triggers include depression, guilt, feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and boredom. Fortunately, episodes of psychological impotence are generally isolated and full sexual function should return after the stress or other trigger is recognized and managed.  


    I am in my mid-50s, in excellent health, with no major risk factors. Why isn't my erection as good as it used to be?

    Part of your evaluation at the Center for Sexual Function would include the history of changes in your erectile function. Aging changes are common; if this is the case for you, reassurance is all that is necessary. It is a common misconception that one's sexual function will be restored to that of a 20-year-old. 


    Can I be on more than one type of treatment at any given time?

    Some conditions may require the simultaneous administration of more than one type of treatment. A common scenario is a patient who needs testosterone replacement, but who may also require another form of treatment to complete the restoration of erectile function. As more therapies for erectile dysfunction are developed, multiple therapies will be used more frequently.

    I have just had prostate cancer surgery. Will I be able to function again? What treatment options are there if I cannot function?
    There are a number of treatment options for the patient who has sustained nerve damage from the surgical treatment of prostate cancer. Treatment can include a vacuum pump, penile injections, intraurethral pellet medication, or a penile implant. Oral medications such as Viagra may be helpful in a small percentage of patients, but the combined therapies of the future will increase the number of patients who respond to treatment. 


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