• Nucleoside Analogs




    Dose* (total milligrams) 

    Side effects & Comments 

    AZT  Zidovudine Retrovir 1 pill (300mg) every 12h Small, white, round pill  Nausea, anemia, leukopenia
    3TC  Lamivudine Epivir 1 pill (150 mg) every 12h White, diamond pill  Rare nausea
    Also treats hepatitis B
    AZT + 3TC  Zidovudine Lamivudine Combivir 1 pill every 12h
    White, oval tablet 
    Combination of AZT and 3TC
    DdI  Didanosine Videx 2 pills (200mg) every 12h or 4 pills (400mg) daily
    Take on empty stomach Big, round white tablet or white powder 
    Neuropathy- 15%
    Avoid alcohol.
    Take 1h before or 2h after Protease Inhibitors or Delavirdine.
    DdI  Didanosine Videx EC 1 pill (400 mg) once daily White capsule  Same as Videx
    ddC  Zalcitabine Hivid 1 pill (0.75mg) every 8h Small, blue tablet  Neuropathy 15-30%
    Oral ulcers
    d4T  Stavudine Zerit 1 pill (40mg) every 12h Brown capsule  Neuropathy 5-25%
    ABV  Abacavir Ziagen 1 pill (300mg) every 12h Beige capsule   Hypersensitivity reaction (fever, flu symptoms, nausea, achiness, rash). Continuing or restarting Abacavir with the hypersensitivity reaction can lead to death! If you have questions, stop all meds and call! 
    AZT + 3TC + ABV  Zidovudine
    Trizivir 1 pill every 12h Combination of combivir and abacavir
    Blue oval tablet 
    Same as combivir and abacavir
    TNV  Tenofovir Viread 1 pill (300 mg) once daily
    White, oval tablet 
    FTC  Emtricitabine Emtriva 1 capsule (200 mg)
    Blue/white capsule
    or 24 ml (240 mg) oral solution once daily
    Rare nausea
    ABV + 3TC  Abacavir
    Epzicom 1 pill once daily
    Orange oval pill 
    Same as abacavir and lamivudine
    FTC + TNV  Emtricitabine
    Truvada 1 pill once daily
    Blue oval pill 
    Same as emtricitabine and tenofovir
    FTC + TNV+ EFV  Emtricitabine
    Atripla 1 pill once nightly
    Take on empty stomach or with light, low-fat snack
    Pink oval pill 
    Same as emtricitabine, tenofovir, and efavirenz

    *Doses may change based on weight, kidney or liver function, or other medicines 

    For additional information on any of the above medications, please visit the NIH AIDS Drug database and the Test Positive Aware Network's HIV Drug Guide for pictures of each drug.

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