• Making the Most of Your Primary Care Visit

    A patient checks in for her Primary Care appointmentGood communication is essential to your relationship with your primary care health team. Working together as partners can help ensure you receive the best care possible.

    If you are visiting for a health check-up, find out in advance if you will be having blood work done that requires you to fast beforehand (such as cholesterol testing).

    What To Bring:

    • A list of your home medications, including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, vitamins and herbal treatments (Note the dosage for each and how often you take it.)
    • A list of questions or concerns, ranked in order of importance
    • Information on your family history
    • X-rays or test results from other care providers
    • Your insurance identification card

    During Your Visit:

    • Be specific about your medical problems.
    • Keep notes or bring along a friend or family member to be "another set of ears."
    • Ask your doctor to explain any medical terminology that you don't understand.
    • Request any available written information on your condition.
    • Discuss the benefits and possible risks of treatment.
    • Request any needed prescription renewals or specialty referrals.