• Frequently Asked Questions - Kidney Transplantation

    How do I get referred to the program? Transplant nephrologist Beth Bouthot, MD, and transplant surgeon Andrea Sorcini, MD.

    You can be referred to the kidney transplant program by your primary care physician or your nephrologist, or you can self-refer by calling 781-744-8974.

    How long is the wait for a kidney transplant?

    Wait times vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the availability of deceased donor kidneys or your compatibility with a living donor.
    Read more about kidney transplant wait list information.  

    How are donor kidneys obtained?

    Lahey Clinic obtains living donor kidneys from friends and family of the recipient and from altruistic donors that either contact the Clinic directly or through organ donation agencies such as New England Organ Bank or UNOS. Deceased donor kidneys can be obtained from patients at Lahey Clinic or from the aforementioned agencies.

    How do I donate a kidney?

    If you are interested in becoming a living donor, either for a friend or family member or for any patient in need, contact the Kidney Transplant program at 781-744-8974.

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