Cancer Resources - Cattell Memorial Library

This list is selective and limited to sites that the library staff has actually visited. Inclusion of a site does not imply that the library or Lahey Hospital & Medical Center endorses the content of that site nor does exclusion imply that a particular site is of no value. These links are meant as informational only and the library makes no guarantee as to the accuracy or relevance of the information. Some sites may contain information that is the opinion of the author/coordinator and not of your own physician. We recommend consulting your physician if you have any questions about your personal health.

American Cancer Society Resource Center
A place to find answers about the nature of cancer, its causes and risk factors, strategies for prevention, and treatment options.

Cancer Net
Oncologist-approved cancer information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Guide to Internet Resources for Cancer
A non-profit guide to more than 4000 links to cancer information.

National Cancer Institute
A gateway to the most recent and accurate cancer information.

The University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center resource. It includes information on cancer types, treatment, and coping as well links to organizations, associations, and support groups.