• Clinical Trials - Congestive Heart Failure

    Study Objective Contact
    CELESTIAL Post Approval Registry (Corox OTW, Endocardial, Left VEntricular STeroId, LeAd, BipoLar Post Approval Registry) [LCID Study Number: 2009-060] The purpose of this Registry study is to confirm the long term safety and effectiveness of the Corox OTW (-S) BP LV Lead, a non-investigational lead. In this Registry, data will be collected on the leads that connect the CRT system to the ventricles. These leads are legally marketed in the United States and not investigational products. The U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is requiring the company, BIOTRONIK, to collect additional long term data on these leads. The study involves collection and analysis (testing) of data at regular follow-up visits with your doctor. These follow up visits with your doctor are no different than would otherwise occur if you did not enroll in this study. Principal Investigator(s):
    Jonathan S. Silver, MD

    For more information about this Research Study call 781-744-8027.

    Study Coordinator(s):
    Jean M. Byrne, RN.