Reports to Philanthropic Investors

What happens when you make a gift to Lahey? First of all, 100 percent of it goes directly to medical progress. Each gift touches the life of every patient who will ever come to Lahey. Each gift helps patients elsewhere who will benefit from the medical progress produced here. Such generous giving is certainly philanthropy: selfless giving for the benefit of humanity. In a progressive and efficient place like Lahey, a gift is also an investment. It is our responsibility and privilege to serve as stewards of your gifts and share regular reports to our philanthropic investors on the scope of charitable giving to Lahey. (Lahey Clinic's fiscal year is October 1 through September 30).

Please see the most recent issue of Advancing Lahey for the latest impact report.


Annual Report
to Philanthropic Investors
Impact Reports for Donors 
FY 11 Report  Annual Fund 2012 
FY 10 Report  Annual Fund 2011 
FY 09 Report  Lahey Clinic Canadian Foundation 2011 
FY 08 Report  Bolivia Medical Mission Video 2011 
FY 07 Report  Annual Fund 2010 
FY 06 Report  Annual Fund 2009 
 FY 05 Report  Colon & Rectal Surgery  
FY 04 Report  Heart & Vascular Center 
FY 03 Report   Helping in Haiti after the Earthquake 
FY 02 Report  Lahey Clinic Canadian Foundation 2009 
  Neurosciences Center 
   New Hampshire Partnerships  
  Nursing Magnet Recognition 
  Nursing Student Stipends 
  Orthopaedic Surgery 
  Sophia Gordon Cancer Center 
  Urology Institute