Advanced Practice Opportunities


Susan Stempek - Headshot 

A Message from the Director of Advanced Practice 

Hello, and welcome to our advanced practice careers site.  We are so glad you are considering a career at Lahey.  There are a number of unique things about our system that we’d like to share with you. 

At Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, advanced practitioners work in almost every department and specialty.  Our CRNAs provide comprehensive anesthesia care, and our NPs and PAs work in the outpatient, inpatient, surgical, medicine and emergency medicine divisions.  Some are PCPs and have their own patient panels, some are specialists with highly technical procedural skill and subspecialty knowledge.  All contribute to our team based care model, focusing on top-of-license practice which puts the patient first.  This allows for optimal patient access to our primary care and subspecialty services while also ensuring high career satisfaction for our advanced practitioners. 

Additionally, our advanced practitioners are part of the medical staff.  This comes with full voting member rights and responsibilities, and is a clear demonstration of the respect and collegial relationship the advanced practitioners enjoy with the physicians.  This has led to superior practice collaboration and again, optimal patient care models. 

The leadership structure for advanced practice at Lahey also stands out.  We have an Advanced Practice Council which represents NPs, PAs, CRNAs, and LICSWs and meets regularly to support AP practice.  This is in addition to local AP leadership structures also in place.

Our Director of Advanced Practice sits on the AP council and reports to the Chief Medical Officer.  The Director role is critical in guiding the direction of AP practice at Lahey, including assisting local divisions in strategic planning regarding AP roles, guiding AP education at Lahey and sitting on various committees where practice decisions are made. 

Please reach out to me ( if you have any questions regarding advanced practice at Lahey.  I strongly encourage you to apply for the career path that fits you best.  Hopefully I’ll see you soon!