Board of Governors

Howard R. Grant, JD, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer
Chair, Board of Governors

Patricia L. Roberts, MD
Chair, Division of Surgery

Richard W. Nesto, MD
Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer
Chair, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine

Richard S. D'Agostino, MD
President, Medical Staff Association

Mark L. Silverman, MD
Chair, Hospital Based Clinical Departments
Chair, Department of Anatomic Pathology

Richard Kalish, MD
Chair, Division of Primary Care

David T. Martin, MD
Chair, Division of Medicine

Elected Members

Joshua Berkowitz, MD
Primary Care

David Brams, MD
General Surgery

James Kolb, MD
Community Group Practices

Ruth Ann Ross McCormack, MD
Community Group Practices

Gerry Orfanos, MD
Primary Care

David J. Schoetz, Jr., MD
Colon and Rectal Surgery
Chief Education Officer

Christine Thomas, MD