• Why be a Lahey Volunteer

    People decide to donate their time to others for a variety of reasons. Some want to experience the satisfaction of knowing they are making a difference in others' lives. Others want to give back to their community. And still others become volunteers because they enjoy the social aspect it offers by making them feel like they belong.

    While people could choose to volunteer at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center for any—or all—of the reasons listed above, several aspects unique to the health care setting make Lahey a particularly desirable place to volunteer:

    • Volunteering at the hospital provides wonderful opportunities for career exploration by introducing junior and adult volunteers to the full range of jobs performed in a health care setting. Hospitals employ a variety of people beyond doctors and nurses, including pharmacists, physical therapists, nutritionists, engineers, laboratory technicians, social workers, and chefs, among many others.
    • Teenagers can experience job responsibility for the first time as junior volunteers in a cutting-edge medical facility, where continually evolving technology creates a fun and exciting work environment. An eight-week summer program is available to high school students who have completed at least 9th grade.
    • People who have received excellent care at Lahey—or have family members who have— often want to give back to the hospital. Volunteering is a perfect way for these individuals to show thanks for their good health.
  • Contact Us

    (781) 744-8803
  • Volunteers Needed

    Lahey’s Volunteer & Community Services is seeking outgoing, physically active individuals to volunteer in several areas, including the Main  and East Lobbies , and various outpatient cliics. In addition, if you have a therapy dog, we would love to talk to you about our pet therapy program! If you are interested, please contact us or fill out and submit a volunteer application.