Electrophysiology (EP) Fellowship

Program Summary

The Department of Cardiology offers a one- or two-year fellowship in clinical cardiac electrophysiology designed to provide comprehensive subspecialty training for individuals planning to pursue a career in this field. There are two fully funded ACGME-approved positions at the PGY-6 or PGY-7 level.

All fellows will have completed the required three-year training in internal medicine and, at a minimum, two additional years in cardiovascular diseases. Fellows are expected to be able to function at a level commensurate with such experience.

The Lahey program is predominantly clinical in its focus, with a wealth of clinical material from which to derive practical educational experiences. After the satisfactory completion of this fellowship, the graduate will be capable of serving as an independent consultant and specialist in clinical cardiac electrophysiology.

Bruce G. Hook, MD
Electrophysiology Fellowship Program