• Allergy and Asthma Education Services

    Lahey's Allergy and Immunology Department has a strong patient education focus. Through a partnership between patients, nurses and doctors, we help our patients learn self-management techniques. Special attention is given to each patient's unique situation to help determine his or her educational needs and to understand each individual's specific concerns, including his or her daily activities and environment.

    Our goal is to help you manage your allergy and asthma symptoms so you may enjoy the best quality of life possible. We do that by ensuring you stay up-to-date on the most innovative treatments and techniques. Members of the allergy staff regularly participate in educational conferences in the fields of allergy, asthma and immunology. Two of our registered nurses recently received national recognition as Certified Asthma Educators (AE-C).

    We treat allergy and asthma education as an ongoing process. Instruction provided at the time of an initial consult will be reinforced at each follow-up visit, and our physicians and nurses are always available to answer patients' questions.

    Your education may include:

    •  Basic disease information and resources
    •  Development of a medication plan
    •  Demonstration of the correct use of inhalers and medical devices
    •  Identification and reduction of triggers in asthma and allergies
    •  Management of different types of asthma
    •  Problem-solving related to children attending school with allergy and asthma

    Working in conjunction with Lahey's Asthma Center, we also provide evaluations and education for patients with difficult-to-control asthma, as necessary.

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