• What is Asthma?

    Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the lungs and airways. While there is at present no cure for asthma, it is a condition that can be controlled and managed through a combination of medical and behavioral efforts.

    Although asthma is a chronic condition, symptoms occur when the lungs and bronchi (airways) come in contact with certain irritants, or "triggers." These triggers cause airways to swell and excess mucus to form. As a result, breathing becomes difficult. In severe cases, the swelling affects the bronchial muscles, causing the wheezing and shortness of breath commonly associated with the disease.

    Over time and by working with your caregiver, you can learn to control your asthma. Medicines can help reduce airway swelling. Avoiding triggers can help prevent symptoms from occurring or lessen their effects when they do occur.

    Your asthma may also change over time, thereby leading to changes in your treatment plan. That's why it's important to alert your primary care physician when you notice any change-whether for better or worse-in your asthma symptoms. The goal is to allow you to pursue your usual activities and maintain the highest possible quality of life.
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