• Lung Cancer

    Lahey Hospital & Medical Center offers diagnosis and treatment of all chest cancers, including lung cancer. From its multidisciplinary thoracic oncology center, Lahey specialists treat lung cancer with specialized teams of radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, thoracic surgeons, interventional pulmonologists, oncology nurses, nutritionists and others.

    Patients meet with the team members to discuss their condition and the specialists then evaluate each case to develop a customized, coordinated plan designed just for that patient.

    The extent and individual characteristics (pathology, molecular biology and clinical factors) of each lung cancer determine the kind of treatment that is prescribed. Treatment may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or a combination. Appointments are promptly scheduled.

    We treat the following:

    • Non-small cell and small cell lung cancer  
    •  Tracheal tumors
    •  Metastatic tumors to the chest 
    •  Pleural effusions  
    •  Carcinoma in situ of the airway
    •  Carcinoid tumors
    •  Thymoma

    Our diagnostic capabilities include CT, MRI, PET, nuclear medicine, PET/CT, endobronchial ultrasound-guided (EBUS) and navigational bronchoscopy-guided biopsies.

    Radiation oncology services:

    We offer all surgical approaches to lung cancer, from minimally-invasive video-assisted surgical procedures that are lung-sparing to complex reconstructions for advanced cases. We use the most advanced medical and interventional pulmonary approaches, supported by therapeutic advancements and state of the art technologies.

    As an academic medical center, we provide broad access to cutting-edge clinical trials evaluating investigational agents and novel treatment approaches.

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