• Active Research Protocols for Incontinence

    The Continence Center at Lahey Clinic presently has several clinical research protocols underway. One involves the study of a silicone derivative being used as a bulking material in a manner that is similar to how collagen is used to treat stress urinary incontinence. The drawback to collagen therapy is that patients often require repeated injections of the material over a period of time, which can vary from months to years. The purpose of this clinical trial is to investigate whether the silicone based product lasts longer than the standard Contigen® collagen product.

    Another research study for stress incontinence in females involves the placement of a small balloon device on each side of the urethra. The purpose of the clinical study is to investigate whether the balloon device is more effective than the present collagen product.

    To find out more information about these clinical trials and other that are ongoing at Lahey Clinic, contact the Department of Research Administration at 781-744-8027.