• Treatments for Overflow Incontinence


    Men with overflow incontinence and women who have demonstrated difficulty emptying their bladders during testing may also use medications such as Cardura, Flomax or Hytrin. These medications work to help the bladder neck relax, thereby helping the bladder empty more efficiently. 

    Clean Intermittent Catheterization

    Due to weakened muscle, the bladders of certain individuals have no or limited ability to contract and empty. It is important to empty the urine to prevent both kidney infection and damage and to decrease the symptoms of frequency and urgency or urge incontinence. These patients learn to catheterize themselves on a schedule, usually two to four times a day. They use a small, clear, flexible catheter that is much softer than catheters used in the hospital setting. Self-catheterization allows these patients more independence because they can take the small, reusable catheter with them wherever they go.

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