• Videourodynamic Studies

    A videourodynamic study is a series of tests and x-rays that provides a detailed look at the functioning of the bladder, urethra and sphincters and helps to diagnose problems with storing urine or voiding.

    Performing a urodynamic study involves placing two small catheters, one in the bladder that is filled with eight ounces of sterile water and the other in the rectum. The catheters, which are pressure sensitive, provide readings about how the bladder is reacting to being filled. Once the fluid is infused, x-rays are taken while the person coughs heartily or bears down, as if moving his or her bowels. The purpose of this part of the test is to determine what is happening when the person leaks urine. The final portion of the test involves having the person urinate while the catheter is still in place.

    The entire test takes approximately 30-45 minutes. Once it is finished, the physician will discuss findings with the patient and recommend several treatment options unique to the individual.
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