• Financial Policy for Cosmetic Services and Procedures

    Acceptable Payment Methods Operations manager Janice M. Iannone (left) helps answer a patient's questions regarding the financing of a cosmetic procedure 

    • Cash
    • Cashier's or certified check
    • Personal check
    • All major credit cards

    General Payment Guidelines

    • Fees for surgical procedures are due in full 14 days prior to surgery or at the time of your preoperative examination.
    • Fees for procedures performed in our office are due at the time of service.

    Additional Payment Information

    Lahey Clinic does not offer patient financing or participate in patient financing programs. Lahey Clinic charges are based upon the procedure(s) performed, the resources required and the level of complexity as determined by the physician. A qualified representative is available to assist you in understanding the fees. Please call us toll free at 1-877-867-0707.

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