• Dry Skin Care


    Dry Skin Facts

    • Dry skin not only can be unsightly, but also itchy and cause more complex skin conditions such as eczema.
    • Our skin loses its ability to maintain water as we get older, and therefore becomes more dry.
    • Keeping your skin well moisturized helps to make it a better barrier, protecting you from skin irritants, allergens and infections.

    Dry Skin Care

    • Bathe (bath or shower) no more than once a day with lukewarm water. Steamy hot water is very hard on the skin surface and strips off natural oils and protection.
    • Use mild soap, such as unscented Dove, Cetaphil, Aveeno. Deoderant soaps and Ivory are the most irritating soaps.
    • Immediately after bathing, towel off, and apply a moisturizer. Do this before opening the bathroom door and allowing the moist air to leave the room.
    • The best moisturizers seal in the moisture. You are trying to prevent "evaporation" of water by creating a seal for your skin. Some suggestions are petroleum jelly, Aquaphor, Eurcerin cream or Cetaphil cream.
    • Rub the moisturizer in your hands, and then rub your hands over the skin surface. With practice, you will be able to apply a thin layer which does not feel greasy and will not stain your clothes. At first, you may need to wipe off the excess with a cloth.
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