• Diabetes Education

    Diabetes: You Are in Control

    Learn to make the right food choices at the right time to reach your target blood sugar levels. We now know that sugar and sweets don't have to be eliminated from the meal plan for people with diabetes. This session covers the topics of nutrients, timing of meals and portion sizes in relationship to blood sugar management. There is also training in reading labels.

    Carbohydrate Counting

    This session explains why carbohydrate counting is such a successful tool in managing diabetes. For better understanding, it is recommended that you take the first session, "Diabetes: You Are In Control," before this course. Learn about using this technique to add variety and flexibility to your meal planning. We practice counting the carbohydrates with a sample day of menus, including weighing food and calculating the grams of carbohydrates.

    Diabetes and Weight Control

    The key to managing diabetes is achieving and maintaining your preferred body weight by learning to make lifestyle changes that promote a healthy weight. This session looks at techniques for successful weight loss maintenance and control with practical tips and suggestions for small changes that are most effective.

    Diabetes and Exercise

    Your food choices and exercise program are cornerstones of a diabetes self-management program. Yet few people receive useful information on how to maximize their benefits with using physical activity to control blood sugars. Join in the "FIT" approach for learning the Frequency, Intensity and Type of Exercise that's best for you. We also discuss precautions people with diabetes should consider before beginning an exercise program and useful ideas for starting your program.

    Diabetes and Medication

    Management of diabetes with medications has changed a great deal over the last decade. There are a great number of new medications available to use by individuals with type 2 diabetes. Each medication class has its own purpose. This session will discuss classes of medications as well as combinations of medications, including insulin, to provide the maximum benefit for your individual needs.

    Food for All Occasions/Restaurant Choices

    If selecting foods from a menu is a puzzle, come get the lowdown on the best choices. Learn why your blood sugar goes up after a Chinese meal and in the morning after pizza. Explore strategies to order food that will support your efforts toward good blood sugar control without sacrificing variety or taste.

    Keeping Well With Diabetes/Pattern Management

    In this class you'll find out the latest information concerning blood glucose monitoring. Come join in a discussion about what factors can influence a person's results. Learning how to interpret your self-monitoring records and discuss changes with your health care provider will ultimately get you closer to the control you've wanted.

    Meeting Challenges & Minimizing Complications

    Because diabetes is with a person throughout their life, small changes in what you do may be needed from time to time. So keeping on track & having recommended tests done on a regular basis is important to maintaining good health. The good news is that there's a lot a person can do to prevent problems linked with diabetes. Participate in this class and learn about what you can do to decrease your risks of complications

    Putting the Pieces Together

    How has diabetes changed your way of life? What's the most difficult part of managing diabetes? What can you do? The focus of this class is to learn ways to live well with a chronic health problem. Diabetes has multiple causes and symptoms can vary over time depending upon lifestyle, environmental and physiological factors. Learn to take part in the planning of your care, breaking the "symptom cycle," and accomplishing your goals.

    Carbohydrate Counting 2 and Pump Therapy

    This class is for individuals with diabetes using an insulin pump. It's designed to further a person's skills in diabetes management. In addition to learning about advanced carbohydrate counting, there will be discussions about a variety of bolus techniques for special occasions, exercise, travel, and even new "low carbohydrate foods." Find out more about the advance features on your pump & fine tune your control.

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