• Therapeutic Endoscopy

    The section of Therapeutic Endoscopy is available to assist with the diagnosis and endoscopic management of the diseases of the liver, biliary tree, pancreas and luminal gastrointestinal tract. Our physicians have extensive training and experience in the endoscopic treatment of complex disorders involving the GI tract.

    As a teaching hospital, we are involved with endoscopic research to provide best evidence-based care for patients. Based on patient need, we provide both a consultative service and/or direct access endoscopies.

    Diseases and conditions treated:

    • Biliary obstruction related to stones, benign or malignant strictures
    • Primary sclerosing cholangitis  
    • Cholangiocarcinoma
    • Pancreatic neoplasms
    • Pancreatic cystic lesions
    • Pancreatic divisum and other pancreaticobiliary anatomic anomalies
    • Neoplasms of the GI tract
      • Esophageal, gastric, small bowel, colorectal tumors
    • Management of dysphagia and difficult strictures
    • Barrett's esophagus 
    • GI bleeding
      • Ulcers, varices, GAVE, Dielafoy's lesions, diverticular bleeding, radiation proctitis
    • Submucosal lesions of the GI tract

    Interventional Procedures:

    • Endoscopic Retrograde pancreatic cholangiography (ERCP)
      • Lithotripsy 
      • Stenting
      • Stricture dilation
      • Spyglass®
      • Endoscopic cystgastrostomy and duodenostomy for pancreatic pseudocyst drainage
    • Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS)
      • Staging of esophageal, lung, gastric, rectal, pancreatic and biliary tumors
      • FNA of solid lesions and cyst aspirations
      • Celiac plexus block for pancreatic cancer
      • Placement of fidicuals for stereotactic radiosurgery
    • Stenting of the luminal GI tract
    • Radiofrequency ablation for Barrett's esophagus  
    • EMR for early malignancies
    • APC for GAVE and radiation proctitis
    • Video capsule endoscopy
    • Small bowel enteroscopy

    Staff Physicians

    Ann Marie Joyce, MD 
    Director of Endoscopy 

    To speak with the Therapeutic Endoscopy coordinator, please call 781-744-8029.
    (Fax: 781-744-5669) 

    For Referring Physicians

    Download an Advanced Therapeutic Endoscopy procedure referral ordering form.

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