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    Did you know that men have a higher age-adjusted death rate from many of the leading causes of death compared to women? That's partly because men are more likely than women to avoid seeking medical care and to practice unhealthy behaviors. Men are less likely than women to seek routine preventive care.

    Lahey's Bruce Campbell, MD, is trying to change men's attitudes about their health by educating them and helping them to take better care of themselves. He recently started Men's Health PITCH, which stands for Presentation of Interesting and Timely Consumer Health Information. This monthly series of short video tips on men's health topics is accessible by e-mail, smart phone, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

    "In today's fast-paced, digitally driven world, and in the face of difficult economic times, individuals are not taking the time to focus upon simple preventive health principles," Campbell says. At the same time, people are bombarded with media reports of health information and trends, including the benefits and risks of a wide range of dietary, pharmacologic and other agents on overall health. "My goal is to help clarify current medical data and recommendations through these video presentations," Campbell says. 

    Dr. Bruce Campbell with Lahey Clinic's Executive Health Department invites you to catch his "Men's Health PITCH"
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