• Patient Testimonials

    "I owe my good health to Lahey [Hospital & Medical Center] and its Executive Health Program. The comprehensive annual physical process brought to light a condition that, if left untreated, would have resulted in some very unpleasant consequences. As a result of data from my physical, I was able to take preventative action and avoid a potentially catastrophic event. My sincerest thanks to Dr. Campbell and the Lahey [Hospital & Medical Center] team!"

    Michael R. Christiansen, CPCU, ARM
    President, Northeast Region
    Business Insurance
    Liberty Mutual Insurance


    "Acushnet Company executives look forward to their annual executive physical, knowing that the efficiency and expertise of the doctors, nurses and medical technicians at Lahey’s Executive Health ensure quality outcome, and is therefore time well spent.
    The most frequent comments I hear from executives after their visit areabout being listened to by Dr. Campbell, having the right tests done in a timely way to identify the health problem, and quickly receiving correct medical care.
    Acushnet Company's partnership with Lahey’s Executive Health program has proven to be valuable to the health and wellness of the Acushnet Executive Management Team."

    Jean Sutherland
    Senior Director, Health and Safety
    The Acushnet Company


    "Each year, I look forward to visiting the Executive Health program at Lahey [Hospital & Medical Center]. It's challenging to keep up with one's health in the demanding world we all live in today. Nothing is more satisfying and efficient then the Executive Health program, where you receive a full 360 view of your health in one visit, under the guidance of an attentive team of medical professionals. By the end of the day, you leave with a comprehensive assessment of your health status and a plan to take care of yourself. This is an incredibly valuable resource for anyone, especially those with demanding schedules like the executives of our company."

    Debra A. Palermino
    Executive Vice President, Human Resources


    "I am confident that if it weren't for the Executive Health Program, I wouldn't be here today. They discovered my aortic aneurysm when others had missed it for years. Their diagnostic determination and care are the gold standard that every medical practice should strive for. A heart felt THANK YOU to Dr. Campbell and his staff!"

    Tom Myers
    Director of Sales Development
    FootJoy U.S.


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