• Finding an Obstetrics Specialist

    Lahey Clinic is associated with the Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates (HVMA) Obstetrics Department in Burlington, so our patients can be certain that they have a referral to a high quality practice for obstetrical care.

    This relationship gives women the option of choosing HVMA for their obstetrical services. Labor and delivery will occur at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

    The experience and special interests of each staff member at HVMA allow them to provide personalized care and advice to patients. The HVMA physicians have experience caring for a wide variety of patients, including those with hypertension, diabetes, recurrent pregnancy losses, clotting disorders, advanced maternal age and multiple births.

    Specialty services include lactation education and support, breast pump rentals, prepared childbirth, early pregnancy and breastfeeding classes, occasional child CPR classes.

    For a recommendation to an obstetrician, speak to your gynecologist or PCP at Lahey Clinic. For more information about the Obstetrics Department at HVMA, located at 20 Wall Street in Burlington, please call 781-221-2940
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