• Laparoscopic Procedures

    Gynecologic surgeon Melinda Birdsall, MD, performs a procedure laparoscopicallyLaparoscopy involves examining the reproductive organs by use of a miniature video camera inserted through a tiny incision in the belly button. When surgeons are not sure what is causing a patient's pain, a diagnostic laparoscopy can help them view the pelvic organs to find the source of the pain.

    In a typical laparoscopic procedure, a five to 10 millimeter incision is made in the patient's belly button, and a camera of equal size is introduced into the abdomen. After inserting the camera, carbon dioxide gas is used to elevate the abdominal wall, creating more space for viewing and manipulating the organs. In some procedures, extra small incisions, or ports, are made above the pubic bone or the pelvic bone on the lower left or right side. These extra ports allow the surgeon to insert instruments that can move organs, cut tissue, suture and staple structures as needed.

    Besides producing minimal scarring, laparoscopic procedures typically require less recovery time than traditional surgeries. Complications from infection and blood loss are also much lower.

    Some of the conditions treated laparoscopically include

    Some of the laparoscopic procedures that Lahey gynecologists perform include

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