• Adjusting to a Hearing Aid

    • Adjusting to your hearing aid(s) takes practice.  The more often you wear the hearing aid(s), the better you should do with them.
    • A hearing aid will not correct your hearing to "normal."  A hearing aid will make sounds louder in the pitch range where you have a hearing loss.
    • Your hearing loss probably worsened gradually.  Your hearing aid(s) will make sounds louder instantly.  You will need to become adjusted to hearing sounds that you have not heard for some time, or sounds that you were only hearing very softly.
    • No hearing aid can "eliminate" background noise.  There are various types of circuits available that can help reduce background noise, however, no hearing aid can eliminate it.
    • Since the hearing aid does not "correct" your hearing to normal, it may have a different sound quality from that to which you are accustomed.
    • Wearing the hearing aid may cause your own voice to sound a little different at first.
    • Hearing aids help in most environments, but will probably be difficult to use in some places.  Typically, the noisier the environment, the more difficult it will be to listen.
    • It is important to use other effective communication skills in conjunction with your hearing aid(s), such as maintaining visual contact with the speaker and reducing environmental noise.
    • Many hearing aid users find that they do not notice ringing in their ears when they are wearing hearing aids.  This is a possible benefit of hearing aid use.
    • Family and friends may need to be reminded of realistic expectations for hearing aid use.
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