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    Owned and operated by Lahey Clinic, the Clinic's Hearing Aid Center provides state-of-the-art audiology and hearing aid technology. For those requiring hearing aids, we offer a variety of different styles and technology levels provided by trusted manufacturers in the hearing aid industry. The choice of the appropriate hearing aid is based on your hearing loss and what device will be most beneficial to you.

    Where Do I Start?

    Audiologist administering a hearing test to a patientA hearing test within the past six months is required. If you suspect your hearing is impaired but have not yet had a hearing test, please call the Hearing Aid Center for more information on how to obtain one. Numbers are listed in the Request an Appointment section.

    It is always best to start with a consult with an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) specialist at Lahey Clinic. Your primary care physician will help you arrange this visit. He or she may ask you to call to make this appointment. If so, you may set up a time by calling the Lahey Clinic Appointment Office at 781-744-8467. This visit is important because the ENT specialist will determine the reason for your hearing loss and rule out any underlying medical conditions that may require special treatment.

    What Can I Expect? 

     Computer screen sample of a patient's hearing test Once you have the results of your hearing test and have met with an ENT specialist, your first visit to the Hearing Aid Center will be a complimentary one-hour consult with an audiologist. The appointment will include an explanation of the hearing test, a determination of what type of technology is best suited for your hearing loss as well as pricing and other information.

    Upon your decision to proceed, earmold impressions will be made and hearing aids will be available to you within two to three weeks.

    A 30-day trial period is provided. If you are not satisfied, your money is refunded. 

    What Can My Family Expect?

    Visible Speech Mapping (VSM) software allows the families of hearing-impaired patients to "experience" their unique hearing loss. This technology makes a comparison between what a "normal" ear hears and what the hearing-impaired patient hears. In doing so, VSM helps both patients and their families obtain realistic expectations regarding hearing loss, communication abilities and the use of hearing aids.

    Please refer to VSM appointments to schedule a visit with a Lahey audiologist.

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