• Cardiovascular Prevention & Rehabilitation Program


    The Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center can be a vital part of your recovery from cardiovascular disease. It can also help reduce your risk of experiencing a recurring cardiac event.
    Cardiac Rehabilitation nurse
    Program goals include:

    • Improving your physical and psychosocial well-being
    • Assist you with making positive lifestyle changes
    • Limiting the progression, and promoting the regression, of coronary artery disease
    • Helping you gain the confidence to resume and enjoy daily activities 

    Our Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program provides you with access to an interdisciplinary team of specialists to help optimize your health. In the safe, supportive environment provided by the program, you will learn how to cope with your fears and focus your energy on making necessary lifestyle changes.

    The Program

    The Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program is staffed by physicians, nurses, exercise physiologists, social workers, pharmacists, psychologists, and dietitians.

    Your individually prescribed exercise program is carefully supervised. A variety of state-of-the-art exercise equipment is available for your workout. Each exercise session includes a warm-up, training, and a cool-down period, followed by a relaxation session. At the beginning of the program, your heart will be monitored telemetry during exercise, so over time you will learn to listen to your body and pace yourself accordingly.

    Once a week there is an educational lecture offered to all program participants and their family members. The emphasis is on promoting a heart-healthy lifestyle. Topics covered include nutrition, stress management, cardiovascular medications, self-monitoring skills, and coping strategies.

    Getting Started

    Bartholomew Woods, MD, and Patricia Toye, RN, assisting a cardiac rehab patientPlease talk to your physician about a referral to the Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program. There may be specific criteria you must meet in order for your insurance to cover your participation in the program. Contact your insurance company to verify your coverage.

    Once referred to the Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program, you will undergo a comprehensive and coordinated entrance evaluation. After arriving for your early morning appointment, you can expect to spend approximately half the day at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center seeing each member of the cardiac rehabilitation team. Your entrance evaluation may also include blood work and an exercise tolerance test. Patients referred by a doctor outside of Lahey Clinic need to have a one-time consult with a Lahey physician prior to entering the program.

    The goal of the entrance evaluation is to help each patient create a highly personalized treatment plan to meet his or her individual cardiovascular goals. Working closely with members of the cardiac rehabilitation team, you will develop a progressive exercise program of appropriate intensity that can then be incorporated into your daily lifestyle.

    Further Information

    Cardiovascular Support Groups and Education  

    For more information, ask your physician about the program or call 781.744.2460.

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