• Heart Failure Clinic

    Heart failure is a major health problem, and in fact, is the most common diagnosis among Medicare patients being discharged from the hospital.

    Too often, patients are trapped in a vicious cycle of progressive symptoms. Many patients seek medical help only when they are too sick to be managed as outpatients, prompting emergency hospitalization.


    The Lahey Heart Failure Clinic was developed to interrupt this vicious cycle for patients with moderate to advanced heart failure. The goals of the Clinic are to increase patients' functional capacity and their sense of well-being, and to reduce readmissions for heart failure.


    Patients are thoroughly evaluated by a cardiac nurse practitioner specializing in heart failure management. A multidisciplinary team is available to meet each patient's unique needs. Aggravating conditions related to heart failure, such as ischemia, are identified and treated, and pharmacologic treatment is optimized. In addition, patients receive intensive education about heart failure, proper diet, and exercise. Frequent telephone follow-up outside the Heart Failure Clinic is also utilized.

    Patients whose illnesses cannot be managed on an outpatient basis and require hospitalization are re-evaluated by the cardiac nurse practitioner and a cardiologist. Patient care is highly individualized and focused toward achieving optimum health and wellness.


    David M. Venesy, MD, 781-744-8002
    Nancy Todd, RN, CS, Heart Failure Nurse Practitioner, 781-744-8840


    Lahey Clinic Medical Center, 41 Mall Road, 5 East/Cardiology, Burlington, MA 01805.


    Patients are seen only at the request of referring physicians. Physicians may contact Nancy Todd, RN, CS, NP, at 781-744-8840.

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