• How to Transfer a Cardiac Patient to Lahey Clinic

    A Fast and Easy Process

    A liaison is available to coordinate all necessary arrangements for physicians outside Lahey who have cardiac patients they wish to transfer to us for care. Outside physicians who wish to request a patient transfer need only call or page this liaison directly to get their patients into the Lahey health system.

    To request a cardiac patient transfer or to learn more about the patient transfer process, please contact our liaison, Tracey Batakis, RN CEN, by phone at 781-744-5325, or by pager at 781-744-1659 (beeper number: 9999).

    Patient transfer requests are processed by our liaison as follows:

    1. Receives the patient's name and condition from the referring attending physician.
    2. Triages patient over the phone by obtaining a full report from the outside hospital currently treating him/her, preferably by speaking directly with the patient's nurse.
    3. Provides Lahey Clinic's Admissions Department with the appropriate contact information for the patient, including the name of the accepting physician at Lahey, and identifies the appropriate Lahey nursing unit for the patient
    4. Arranges the time for the patient to leave the hospital where he/she is currently located and discusses the expected arrival time with the appropriate inpatient nursing staff at Lahey.

    Requests for the Transfer of Patients in Need of Cardiac Surgery

    Lahey's cardiac nurse liaison often receives calls from physicians outside Lahey requesting that a patient be transferred to the Clinic for cardiac surgery. In this case, the liaison arranges to have the patient transferred to Lahey's Cardiovascular Medicine team. Lahey cardiologists then consult their colleagues in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery to assess the patient's condition. After reviewing the patient's case and films, the Lahey cardiac surgeon in charge of his/her care proceeds with scheduling surgery, if necessary.


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