• What We Offer - Medical Weight Loss

    Lahey’s physician-monitored weight loss program is a comprehensive plan developed to treat weight disorders. The goal of the program is to educate patients to form healthy habits and make conscious decisions that influence weight management. Developed by a medical bariatrician, each patient’s plan is personalized to address his or her weight loss needs. Regular check-ups and plan adjustments are made throughout the program to maintain weight loss. The following are all part of the physician-monitored program for medical weight loss patients:

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    A patient's weight is tracked throughout the program.Initial consultation

    To begin the medical weight loss journey, patients will meet with our medical bariatrician to review medical history, eating habits, nutrition, and medications taken in the past or currently that may interfere with the ability to lose weight effectively. Following this consultation, a physical examination will be scheduled and, if necessary, tests ordered.

    Diet and nutritional counseling

    Proper nutrition is key to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and therefore is a cornerstone to our weight loss program. Patients will meet regularly with our medical bariatrician and a registered dietician to learn more about food and how it affects certain aspects of their lives. Each patient will maintain a food log to track personal eating habits and will be required to make changes to their diet where necessary to optimize weight loss results. Food logs are the key to recognizing the underlying behaviors that cause overeating and subsequent weight gain. Changing these behaviors will allow patients to lose weight, maintain the weight loss, and change their lives.

    Dietary Medications and Supplements

    Some patients in the program may benefit from weight loss medications and dietary supplements. Weight loss medications may be prescribed to patients whose obesity has caused other serious health conditions. Dietary supplements may be recommended to ensure that patients receive the appropriate amount of nutrients. Both options are monitored by our medical bariatrician.

    Behavior modification

    Through this program, we try to help our patients understand why they make certain decisions about eating and exercise habits. With the help of a psychologist, patients will learn how to change their behaviors surrounding food, adopt healthy eating habits, and avoid the dieting failures they may have experienced in the past.


    We understand that weight management is a lifelong endeavor. Because of this, patients in our program will receive continued support and assistance from our medical weight loss staff in order to help maintain weight loss results after the goal is achieved.