• Epilepsy

    Epilepsy is characterized by recurrent seizures—bursts of electrical activity in the brain that can cause convulsions—as well as less severe episodes of confusion, speech arrest, or motor or sensory symptoms. Most seizures are due to a scar, tumor, stroke or other abnormalities in the brain, although some can result from toxic or metabolic upset, or a genetic disorder.

    Epilepsy Surgery

    Lahey Hospital & Medical Center offers a wide range of resources for patients with seizure disorders who might consider surgery as a treatment option. Along with in-house video EEG monitoring to help determine the focus of the seizures, we offer the comprehensive use of sodium-Amytal testing, MRI, functional MRI, neuropsychological testing and neuropsychiatric testing. In addition, surgical procedures that might be recommended after a full evaluation include:  

    • Placement of subdural strips and grids
    • Depth electrodes
    • Temporal lobectomy and other focal resections
    • Corpus Callosotomy
    • Vagus nerve stimulators
    • Deep brain stimulation

    Many patients are ideal candidates for surgical intervention, often benefiting from a complete resolution of their seizures. While a cure is not always possible, surgery is a safer and more reasonable option than ever before, due to technology advances. Collaboration with members of the Neurology and Behavioral Medicine Departments is key to the successful management of these complex cases.  

    Epilepsy Program Members

    Paul T. Gross, MD

    Joel M. Oster, MD 

    Andrea Seek, MD

    Dana L. Penney, PhD  

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