• Pituitary Tumors

    Treatment of tumors of the pituitary gland requires close collaboration between several medical specialties. Lahey Hospital & Medical Center's Center for Pituitary Tumors includes members from the departments of Neurosurgery, Endocrinology, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology, Neuroradiology and Radiation Oncology.  


    Our patients are evaluated for their endocrine and visual status prior to consideration for surgery. Patients with prolactin-producing tumors and some patients with growth hormone-secreting tumors may be treated medically. For patients with large tumors (macroadenomas) and some smaller tumors (microadenomas) that cannot be treated medically, microsurgery is often the treatment of choice.

    Operating with members of the Department of Otolaryngology, Lahey's neurosurgeons approach the pituitary gland through the sphenoid sinus, or endoscopically, without an incision. Employing these techniques, we remove the tumor, thus improving visual loss and frequently restoring altered endocrine function.

    For those patients who cannot be treated surgically, we use stereotactic radiosurgery as a means of controlling tumor growth. Pre- and post-operative imaging with MRI allows us to carefully evaluate the tumor anatomy and monitor for postoperative changes. Carlos A. David, MD, and Zoher Ghogawala, MD are the neurosurgeonswho perform our pituitary surgeries. 

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