• Goals & Benefits - Palliative Care

    The goals of the Palliative Care Service are to create greater patient and family satisfaction, improve the quality of care, and to decrease length of hospitalization for patients with an advanced illness. The service is proactive in identifying each patient's unique needs, and goals are set accordingly. Supportive care aimed at symptom control and quality of life can be provided at the same time as curative treatments. If a cure is not achievable, goals are adjusted to meet end-of-life care needs.

    Goals may include discussion and assistance with multidimensional issues:

    • Symptom control (pain, fatigue, nausea)
    • Emotional and spiritual support
    • Issues related to food and nutrition
    • Preservation of quality of life and dignity
    • Assistance with health care goal setting
    • Issues related to advance planning
    • Issues related to wishes for end-of-life care

    We recognize that it requires a lot of time and energy to care for someone else. The Palliative Care Service provides help and support to families, friends and caregivers by assisting with multiple issues:

    • Expressing feelings and concerns
    • Asking questions of the health care team
    • Decision-making processes
    • Identifying personal care needs
    • Using available resources for skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities or home care services

    The Palliative Care Service also educates family members about health-related problems you may face in the future, and assists in coordinating necessary services. The team is available to help family members learn how to talk to their loved ones, know what to say, and how to listen. They also help family members deal with their own feelings of guilt, anger and grief.