• Complex Wound Management

    The Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is committed to providing comprehensive outpatient wound care and in-depth patient education for a wide variety of wound types. These include surgical and traumatic wounds, wounds secondary to venous stasis and peripheral edema, and pressure ulcerations. We supply care for both chronic and acute wounds alike, and customize wound care for each individual patient. The department emphasizes cost-effective care, patient education, and efficacious treatments to optimize wound healing. Wound care is a much needed entity in our community and we strive to provide the very best care for all of our patients.

    Wound care services include: skin and soft tissue debridement, compression dressings for patients with peripheral edema, specialized dressings, and bio-engineered skin substitutions. All care is provided by Jennifer Deane, PA-C along with the support of six plastic surgery attending physicians.


    Venous stasis: A condition in which there is poor circulation of blood caused by damaged or enlarged veins. This leads to varicose veins, venous ulcers, and ulcerations.

    Peripheral edema: The swelling of tissues, usually in the lower limbs, due to the accumulation of fluids.

    Pressure ulcerations: Also known as a decubitus ulcer or bedsore, pressure ulcers are open wounds that form whenever prolonged pressure is applied to skin covering bony protuberances of the body.

    Debridement: The removal of damaged or dead tissue from a wound.

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