• Prostate Cancer Screening and Detection

    Lahey Hospital & Medical Center recommends annual prostate screening in men aged 50 and over as an important component of men’s health. Men at high risk, including African Americans and those with a primary relative diagnosed with prostate cancer at an early stage, are recommended to have annual screenings beginning at age 45.

    Physicians in the Prostate Center utilize prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood tests and digital rectal examinations (DRI) to screen for prostate cancer. Transrectal ultrasound is used to obtain a biopsy and confirm presence of malignant cells.

    Treating prostate cancer requires a truly individualized approach. Older men with slow-growing tumors may choose not to be treated, as it may be many years before the cancer becomes life-threatening. Men under the age of 70 and those with aggressive tumors are given a wide range of treatment options to consider.
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  • 2009 Prostate Cancer Report

    Learn more about the patient-centered, high-quality approach to prostate cancer care provided to patients diagnosed and treated at Lahey Clinic.