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    Psychiatric Social Workers
    Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialists
    Emergency Department Associates 


    • Mary Anna Sullivan, MD
      Department Chair
      Special Interests: consultation-liaison psychiatry
    • Loren R. Dribinsky, MD
      Chief, Section of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
      Special Interests: child & adolescent psychiatry
    • Benita Handa, MD
      Special Interests: geriatric psychiatry, general psychiatry, consultation-liaison psychiatry
    • Martha Koutsos, MD
      Special Interests: general psychiatry, mood and psychotic disorders, anxiety disorders
    • Kenneth Lakritz, MD
      Special Interests: general psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, consultation-liaison psychiatry
    • Wendy Martin, MD 
    • Andrea Seek, MD
      Special Interests: consultation-liaison psychiatry, liver transplantation, neuropsychiatric illness
    • Neil Weiser, MD
      Special Interests: geriatric psychiatry, general psychiatry
    • Barry Zitin, MD
      Special Interests: general psychiatry



    • Margaret J. Hoddinott, PhD
      Special Interests: children with chronic medical illnesses, individual and family therapy, parenting issues, bariatric psychology
    • Lyle Kantor, PhD
      Special Interests: insomnia, self-management of chronic illness, anxiety disorders, headaches, cardiovascular disease
    • Stacey Slavkin, PhD
      Special Interests: cognitive behavioral therapy, panic disorders, coping with depression, social phobia
    • Don Philip Sugai, PhD
      Special Interests: behavioral pediatrics, children and adolescents, social skills training, developmental and learning disabilities, psychotherapy


    Psychiatric Social Workers

    • LuAnne Baker, MSW, LICSW
      Special Interests: depression, anxiety, substance abuse, individual and couples counseling, family systems
    • Kellie Bransford, MSW, LICSW
    • Elizabeth Downs, MSW, LICSW
      Special Interests: adult psychotherapy
    • Susan Ferguson, MSW, LICSW
      Special Interests: child, adolescent, young adult, and adult therapy, parenting issues, anxiety disorders
    • Barbara Frame, MSW, LICSW
      Special Interests: adult therapy, individual therapy, women's issues
    • Kimberly Holroyd, MSW, LICSW
      Special Interests: depression, individual and couples therapy
    • Elayne Lepes, MSW, LICSW
      Special Interests: individual and couples therapy, trauma, substance abuse
    • Jonathan Metcalf, MSW, LICSW
      Special Interests: marital counseling, individual psychotherapy, bipolar disorder, impact of mental illness on family systems
    • Linda Pinnone, MSW, LICSW
      Special Interests: adult and young adult psychotherapy, substance abuse
    • Karen Speel, MSW, LICSW
      Special Interests: dialectical behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, anxiety, mood disorders, PTSD, and chronic mental illness
    • Peter Young, MSW, LICSW


    Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialists

    • Colette April, RN, MSN, CS
      Special Interests: consultation-liaison, general psychiatry
    • Sandra Benson, RN, MSN, CS
      Special Interests: geriatric psychiatry, affective illness, individual psychotherapy
    • Sheila Levenseler, RN, MSN, CS
      Special Interests: individual therapy, consultation-liaison
    • Patricia Student, RN, MSN, CS
      Special Interests: child/adolescent/adult psychopharmacology and psychotherapy, consultation-liaison


    Emergency Department Associates

    • Karen Blaney, LMHC
    • Virginia Marks, MSW, LICSW
    • Clinton B. Maxwell, LMHC
    • Mark Staniul, M.Ed., LMHC


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