• Get Support - Tobacco Treatment

    You have a better chance of quitting if you have help. You can get support in many ways:

    • Tell your family, friends and coworkers that you are going to quit. Ask them for their support. Ask them not to use tobacco or smoke around you or to leave tobacco out where you can see it.
    • Talk to your health care providers and tell them your plan to quit.

    Ask them these questions:

    1. How can you help me quit?
    2. What medication do you think would be best for me? How should I take it?
    3. What should I do if I need more help?
    4. What does tobacco withdrawal feel like? How can I get information on withdrawal? 
    • Get counseling. Counseling can help you cope with cravings, teach you how to change your behavior, and give you emotional support. The more counseling you have, the better your chances are of quitting.

    To learn more about counseling and support available at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, call our Quit Line at 781-744-QUIT (7848) or visit www.Lahey.org/TobaccoTreatment .

    Your Health insurance may help you quit! 

    If you’re thinking about quitting smoking, find out how your health insurance plan can help. Many health plans help cover the cost of medicines and counseling to help you quit smoking. Remember, using quit-smoking medicine or counseling support can more than double your chances to quit for good!

    Content adapted from the Surgeon General's Tobacco Cessation - You Can Quit Smoking Now! 

  • Call the QUIT line

    781.756.QUIT (7848) 
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