• Keys to Quitting - Tobacco Treatment

    When you try to quit using tobacco, your body will go through many physical and mental changes. Physically, your body will react to having less nicotine (the drug in tobacco that causes addiction) in your bloodstream. This reaction is known as withdrawal. Mentally, you will have to break a habit that was probably part of your daily routine. You will also have to cope with cravings.

    To quit using tobacco, you will need to address both these physical and mental changes. It will take hard work, but you can do it with these five important steps. For the best chance of quitting, follow all of the steps:

    • Make a plan.
    • Get support.
    • Make healthy choices.
    • Use medication.
    • Stay tobacco free.

    Read on to learn more about these steps and how you can become tobacco free.

    Content adapted from the American Cancer Society's Guide to Quitting.

    Content adapted from the Surgeon General's Tobacco Cessation - You Can Quit Smoking Now! 

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