• Rectal Ultrasound

    Why should I have a rectal ultrasound?

    Rectal ultrasound provides additional information about rectal polyps, rectal cancer, perianal infection and sphincter muscle injuries.

    Are there any special preparations for the exam?

    The only preparation necessary is an enema to empty the rectum. This may be performed at home prior to arrival in the Ultrasound Department.

    How is the ultrasound examination performed?

    The radiologist and/or a specially trained person called a sonographer will explain the exam to you and answer any questions you have. You will be asked to lie on your left side. The transducer is covered with a condom, lubricated and placed into your rectum. The sound will be required to travel only a short distance, and this results in a high-resolution, or good- quality, picture. The room in which the ultrasound exam is performed is usually darkened so that the images on the monitor can be seen clearly.

    Who performs the ultrasound exam?

    A radiologist or a specially trained person called a sonographer performs your exam. The findings will be reported to the doctor who referred you for the exam.

    Will it hurt?

    Ultrasound examination of your rectum is similar in discomfort to a rectal examination performed by your doctor.

    How long will the exam take?

    The ultrasound exam or scan usually takes less than 20 minutes to perform.

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