• Meet the Team - Stem Cell Transplant Program

    Lahey’s ASCT team is a multidisciplinary team comprised of physicians, nurses, a social worker. Stem cell transplant patients are assigned a primary nurse during hospitalization, and house staff physicians (interns and residents) also participate in the care of ASCT patients. Consultant physicians may see patients who experience complications. 

      Name  Phone Number 
    Director, ASCT Program
    Vice Chair, Dept. of Hematology/Oncology
    Arthur P. Rabinowitz, MD   781-744-7590
    Attending Hematologist Tarun Kewalramani, MD  781-744-7590
    Attending Hematologist Simon Mantha, MD   781-744-7590
    Attending Hematologist

    David Steinberg, MD 

    Attending Hematologist Neil J. Weiner, MD                              781-744-7590
    Hematology Nurse Practitioner Jane Kennedy, NP 781-744-7590

    Medical Director, Stem Cell Collection
    Medical Director, Transfusion Medicine

    Kurt Heim, MD, PhD  781-744-8216
    ASCT Program Coordinator Suzanne Quigley RN, BSN 781-744-7301
    Inpatient Nurse Manager

    Cindy Climer RN, MS, OCN

    Assistant Clinical Nurse Educator, Inpatient Unit                           Sandra Areias RN, OCN  
    Hematology/Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist Nellee Fine, RN, MSN, AOCN 781-744-3132

    Social Worker

    Pamela Reznick, LICSW 781-744-8113
    Administrative Assistant Bonnie Neacy 781-744-7590










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