• Following Your Organ Donation

    While recovering in the hospital, you will be visited each day by members of the donor team who will monitor your physical condition. These team members will help you gauge how quickly you can return to your previous level of activity. While the amount of time for recovery differs among individuals, on average most donors return to work within three months and others may return even sooner.

    Prior to discharge, you will be instructed regarding the signs and symptoms you must report to your donor coordinator. These include fevers, any signs of infections, or any increases in pain that you experience. Close communication with your donor coordinator is necessary to ensure the best outcome after live organ donation.

    Your transplant team will follow you for a minimum of two years. Such follow-up care includes outpatient clinic visits with laboratory testing and radiology imaging. While follow up visits at Lahey are ideal, alternate arrangements are made for donors who reside outside of the New England region.
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  • HRSA Award

    Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Awards Lahey Clinic the Silver1 Medal of Honor for Organ Donation.