• Kidney Transplant Waiting List Information

    In order to remain active on the kidney transplant waiting list, it is essential that you understand and fulfill certain responsibilities. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Keeping all scheduled appointments
    • Obtaining laboratory testing including monthly PRAs according to the schedule you will be given. This schedule is a UNOS regulation and it is extremely important that you adhere to it. If you do not, it will result in your being ineligible for a kidney transplant.

    Waiting time: It is difficult to predict exactly when a kidney will become available for you. In general, the important factors in receiving a deceased donor kidney are length of time on the waiting list, blood group and the presence of antibodies to HLA antigens in your serum. In this region of the country, the wait time for most blood groups approaches five years. An exception to this exists for people who have exactly the same HLA antigens as a deceased donor. If such a kidney becomes available anywhere in the country, you may receive a kidney in a much shorter period of time.

    Multiple listing: It is permissible for patients to be listed at more than one transplant center simultaneously; however, certain restrictions apply. UNOS regulations allow you to be listed at more than one transplant center as long as the two centers are not in the same geographic region.

    Communication with your transplant center: It is imperative that you or a member of your family contact your transplant coordinator or another member of the transplant team regarding any of the following situations:

    • Admission to another hospital
    • A visit to the Emergency Room
    • Diagnosis of an infection of any type
    • Any changes in contact information including address, phone numbers for you and/or your primary contact person
    • Any changes in your dialysis center
    • Any changes in your insurance coverage including prescription plans
    • Travel plans that would affect your ability to reach Lahey Clinic within two hours in case a kidney becomes available for you.
    • Your inability to keep any scheduled appointments at the transplant center
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