• Scientific Publications and Presentations - Transplantation

    Faculty Publications

    2013 & 2014

    • Akoad ME, Pomfret EA. Laparoscopic live donor hepatectomy: random mutation or stepwise evolution? Am J Transplant. 2013 Sep; 13(9):2243-4.
    • Akoad ME Living-donor grafts for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma. Virtual Mentor. 2012 Mar 1; 14(3):215-20.
    • Ando Y, Coelho T, Berk JL, Cruz MW, Ericzon BG, Ikeda S, Lewis WD, Obici L, Planté-Bordeneuve V, Rapezzi C, Said G, Salvi F. Guideline of transthyretin-related hereditary amyloidosis for clinicians. Orphanet J Rare Dis. 2013 Feb 20;8:31.
    • Cheah YL, Simpson MA, Pomposelli JJ, Pomfret EA. Incidence of death and potentially life-threatening near-miss events in living donor hepatic lobectomy: a world-wide survey. Liver Transpl. 2013 May; 19(5):499-506.
    • Chung RT, Gordon FD, Curry MP, Schiano TD, Emre S, Corey K, Markmann JF, Hertl M, Pomposelli JJ, Pomfret EA, Florman S, Schilsky M, Broering TJ, Finberg RW, Szabo G, Zamore PD, Khettry U, Babcock GJ, Ambrosino DM, Leav B, Leney M, Smith HL, Molrine DC. Human monoclonal antibody MBL-HCV1 delays HCV viral rebound following liver transplantation: a randomized controlled study. Am J Transplant. 2013 Apr; 13(4):1047-54.
    • Mandell MS1, Pomfret EA, Steadman R, Hirose R, Reich DJ, Schumann R, Walia A Director of anesthesiology for liver transplantation: existing practices and recommendations by the United Network for Organ Sharing. Liver Transpl. 2013 Apr; 19(4):425-30.
    • Pomposelli JJ. Liver remnant volume after living donor liver transplantation: how low should we go? Liver Transpl. 2013 Aug; 19(8):796-7.
    • Poordad F, Lawitz E, Reddy KR, Afdhal NH, Hezode C, Zeuzem S, Lee SS, Calleja JL, Brown RS, Craxi A, Wedemeyer H, Nyberg L, Nelson DR, Rossaro L, Balart L, Morgan TR, Bacon BR, Flamm SL, Kowdley KV, Deng W, Koury KJ, Pedicone LD, Dutko FJ, Burroughs MH, Alves K, Wahl J, Brass CA, Albrecht JK, Sulkowski MS, for the Protocol 6086 Investigators. (Gordon F, Collaborator). Effects of ribavirin dose reduction vs. erythropoietin for boceprevir-related anemia in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 1 infection – a randomized trial. Gastroenterology 2013;145:1035-1044
    • Qamar AA Compensated cirrhosis, same outcomes no matter which continent. Hepatology. 2013 Oct; 58(4):1511-3.
    • Roll GR1, Parekh JR, Parker WF, Siegler M, Pomfret EA, Ascher NL, Roberts JP Left hepatectomy versus right hepatectomy for living donor liver transplantation: shifting the risk from the donor to the recipient. Liver Transpl. 2013 May;19(5):472-81.
    • Schnelldorfer T, Gagnon AI2, Birkett RT, Reynolds G, Murphy KM, Jenkins RL Staging Laparoscopy in Pancreatic Cancer: A Potential Role for Advanced Laparoscopic Techniques J Am Coll Surg. 2014 Feb 2815(14). S1072-75.
    • Sulkowski MS, Poordad F, Manns MP, Bronowicki JP, Rajender Reddy K, Harrison SA, Afdhal NH, Sings HL, Pedicone LD, Koury KJ, Sniukiene V, Burroughs MH, Albrecht JK, Brass CA, Jacobson IM; SPRINT-2 Trial Investigators. (Gordon F, Collaborator). Anemia during treatment with peginterferon Alfa-2b/ribavirin and boceprevir: Analysis from the serine protease inhibitor therapy 2 (SPRINT-2) trial. Hepatology. 2013; 57(3):974-84.
    • Teperman L, Moonka D, Sebastian A, Sher L, Marotta P, Marsh C, Koneru B, Goss J, Preston D, Roberts JP; Spare-the-Nephron Trial Liver Transplantation Study Group. (Gordon F, Collaborator). Calcineurin inhibitor-free mycophenolate mofetil/sirolimus maintenance in liver transplantation: The randomized Spare-the-Nephron trial. Liver Transplantation 2013; 19(7):675-89.
    • Wald C, Russo MW, Heimbach JK, Hussain HK, Pomfret EA, Bruix J. New OPTN/UNOS policy for liver transplant allocation: standardization of liver imaging, diagnosis, classification, and reporting of hepatocellular carcinoma. Radiology. 2013 Feb; 266(2):376-82.

    Faculty Presentations at Regional or National Meetings Presentations

    2013 & 2014

    • Gordon, FD. Current Topics in Gastroenterology and Hepatology – Lahey Clinic Annual Post Graduate Course, Brewster, MA, Moderator and Lecturer, Various topics
    • Gordon, FD. New England Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates Spring Symposium, Burlington, MA - Guest faculty, “Hereditary Hemochromatosis: 2013”
    • Gordon, FD. Transplant Grand Rounds – Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Burlington, MA Lecturer, “Hemochromatosis”
    • Gordon, FD. Transplant Grand Rounds – Lahey Clinic Medical Center, Burlington, MA Lecturer, “Direct Acting Antivirals after Liver Transplantation”
    • Gordon, FD. Transplant Grand Rounds – Lahey Hospital & Medical Center, Burlington, MA Lecturer, “Current Insight into Hepatic Encephalopathy
    • Gordon, FD. American College of Gastroenterology, Western Region Postgraduate Course, Los Angeles, CA, Guest Faculty, “Complications of Portal Hypertension: What To Do?” and “What’s New in Transplant
    • Gordon, FD. American Transplant Congress, Seattle, WA Faculty, “Direct Acting Antivirals for HCV Post-Liver Transplant”
    • Gordon, FD. American Transplant Congress, Seattle, WA Moderator, “Mid-Day Symposia: Update on Hepatitis C in Transplantation
    • Khawaja, Z. National Kidney Foundation Meeting, April 22-26, 2014, Las Vegas Chronic antibody mediated rejection: C1q fixation by DSA correlates with C4d deposition in the graft and more severe pathology.
    • Pomfret, E. ASTS Winter Symposium, January 2013: “Managing the Fallout after a Donor Death”
    • Pomfret, E. Controversies in Transplantation, Breckenridge, CO, March 2013: “Financial Considerations in Liver Transplantation”
    • Pomfret, E. APASL, Singapore, June 2013: “What is the Ideal Therapy for Small HCC in Cirrhotic Patients”
    • Pomfret, E. ILTS, Sydney Australia, June 2013: “Issues in Organ Donation, How Do We Deal with Living-Donor Misses?”
    • Pomfret, E. Grand Rounds, Lowell General Hospital, June 2013: “Transplantation Ethical Dilemmas”
    • Pomfret, E. Lahey Gastroenterology Course, Ocean’s Edge, July 2013: Management of Hepatocellular Carcinoma”
    • Pomfret, E. ASTS Fellows Symposium, October 2013: “Split and Partial Liver, Technical Aspects and Preparation”
    • Pomfret, E. American College of Surgeons, Washington DC, October 2013: “The Role of Liver Transplantation for HCC”
    • Qamar, A. AASLD meeting 2013. Diabetes Mellitus predicts cardiovascular disease in patients with cirrhosis.
    • Qamar, A. Brigham and Women's Hospital Intensive Review in Internal Medicine 2013: Chronic liver disease and its complications.
    • Simpson, MA. American Transplant Congress, June 2013 Seattle “Worldwide Survey of Live Liver Donor Evaluations.”
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