• Preparation for Travel

    • Winnie W. Ooi, MD, DMD, MPH, of the Travel & Tropical Medicine Clinic assists patients with all of their pre-travel health and safety needs.      *Personalized counseling about health and safety concerns in planned areas of travel
    • Immunizations for adult and child travelers, based on specific destination(s)
    • Guidance for emergency health care
    • Medication and information to help deal with illness while overseas
    • Assistance with special health-related travel needs, including counseling for pregnant women or individuals with allergies, chronic medical problems (e.g., cardiovascular disease, diabetes) or physical disabilities
    • Group immunization clinics and medical counseling for travel groups, corporations and other organizations
    • Up-to-date preventive information on mountain sickness, jet lag and diving 
    • Comprehensive preparation for missionaries or business people planning long-term residence overseas, including both the physical and psychological issues involved
    • Telephone consultations from occupational physicians

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