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    A Unique Collaboration amongst Experts for Leading-Edge Research

    Lahey Hospital & Medical Center offers a truly unique collaboration between researchers and clinicians in the field of urology. The Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory is an integral part of the Institute of Urology, with first year urology residents spending a full year in the laboratory, obtaining basic science and clinical research experience under the guidance of well-established and talented researchers.

    Through this distinctive opportunity, residents become acquainted with the scientific method and translational research laboratory techniques and are introduced to the methodologies of medical research. The research experience is designed to provide the complete technical and supervisory support needed to instill in residents the basic principles of study design, hypothesis formulation, investigative methodology and manuscript preparation.

    Residents are charged with completing research projects involving cutting-edge experimental approaches that culminate in publications and presentations, nationally and internationally. Through the experience gained, residents become the perfect liaisons between the urology clinic and laboratory, facilitating the clinician/scientist interactions critical to advancing medicine.

    Urology residents and researchers in the Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory are currently highly involved in the generation of proteomic approaches for the analysis of human tissues, with the goal of providing clinicians with new tools to aid in patient management. Our researchers believe this approach will be important as we move toward personalized medicine.

    Ongoing Clinical Studies

    To learn about clinical research studies underway in Lahey Hospital & Medical Center's Institute of Urology, please contact:
    Linda Topjian
    Programs Manager
    Lahey Hospital & Medical Center
    Institute of Urology - 4SE
    41 Mall Road
    Burlington, MA 01805
    Phone: 781-744-8711
    Fax: 781-744-5635
    E-mail: Linda.M.Topjian@Lahey.org 

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  • "Clampless" Surgery a Success

    John A. Libertino, MD, chair, Institute of Urology, and director, Sophia Gordon Cancer Center, recently presented the findings of nearly 20 years of retrospective clinical data demonstrating that long term kidney function is significantly improved in cancer patients when their kidney tumor is removed via a new “clampless” variation of the traditional surgical procedure known as a partial nephrectomy.