Parking Information

Patient and Visitor Garage

Parking has consistently been a patient and visitor concern at Lahey for several years. We have addressed this problem by building a parking garage conveniently located across from our main lobby. Our goal is to keep patient expenses as low as possible by pricing parking to just cover the cost of building and operating the garage.

  • The parking garage is open to patients and visitors.
    Effective October 29, 2006, parking rates are as follows:

    0-1 hour $2
    1-3 hours $5
    3-24 hours $8
  • A prepaid discount program is available. Anyone may purchase five passes for $25. The passes can be used at any time.
  • A same day/multiple visit pass is available for $8. This pass allows you to enter and exit the garage up to four times before midnight on the day of purchase. You must purchase the pass from an attendant before exiting the garage the first time.
  • Patients and visitors receive a ticket upon entering the garage. Please take your ticket with you when you leave your car. You may pay at one of the convenient self-service pay stations or at the cashier in the lobby. You may also use the drive-thru cashier’s station and self-serve credit card stations located in exit lanes of the garage.
  • The Trump Building lot is for Radiation Oncology and Psychiatry patients only. Patients should pick up a ticket at the gated entrance to the lot and pay at the pay-on-foot station in the Trump lobby vestibule.
  • There are reserved spaces at 31 Mall Road for Allergy patients. A parking attendant will handle all payment transactions.

Helpful Tips for Quick Parking

  • Using the pay-on-foot station saves time. Even if there is a line, you will get out of the garage quicker if you pay before returning to your car.
  • You may also pay the parking cashier located in the main lobby. If you prefer to pay in the garage, you will save time by using your Visa, Mastercard or American Express.
  • If you park on a higher level of the garage, you may be able to park closer to an elevator.
  • Handicapped spaces are available near the elevators on all levels of the garage.
  • The main entrance to Lahey Clinic Medical Center is open until midnight. Until that time, we would suggest parking in the Patient and Visitor Garage and using the main entrance. After midnight, all parking for incoming patients is in the Emergency Department lot, which is the first right after the main entrance.

Valet Parking Information

Valet parking is available for a daily flat rate of $10, until 7 pm. Upon entering the main entrance, take the second right, pull up, and wait for the attendant.