• Allergy Treatment

    The Allergy and Immunology specialists at Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, diagnose and treat adults and children ages 4 and up who suffer from allergies caused by pollen, food, pets, dust, mold and much more.

    An allergy is a reaction by the body’s own immune system to a substance that would generally be considered harmless. This reaction can cause a range of symptoms.

    • When allergy symptoms affect the nose or sinuses, the condition is called allergic rhinitis.
    • When allergy symptoms affect the lungs or bronchial tubes, the condition is called asthma.
    • When allergy symptoms affect the skin, the condition is called hives or urticaria.

    Experts in Allergy Care

    Our physicians, nurses and other health care providers are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of both children and adults. Patients are evaluated through detailed histories, physical examinations and, if appropriate, breathing and allergy skin tests.

    A full range of treatment options are available at Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, including medication to reduce symptoms and, in some cases, allergy injections to control the underlying illness rather than just controlling symptoms.

    Making an Appointment

    Lahey Medical Center, Peabody, is located at One Essex Center Drive in Peabody, Massachusetts, just north of Boston.

    For an appointment, please call 978.977.6336.